After 50 years this Vietnam veteran met and found the “unknown soldier” he rescued on the battleground.

The most brutal war in history was the Vietnam war and to this day the bad memories of that war still hunt many soldiers. The draft was so big that many men from all over the nation went to fulfill their duty toward their country. The war makes a solid bond between soldiers, stronger than glue, and lasts longer than any other bond.

These veterans today got a lot of stories to tell some of them are sad, some of them are bad but few of them are good. It’s a tough job to be a soldier, mostly when they put you in a dangerous area where there is extreme gunfire.

In this video today we are going to talk about Dale Edge, before being drafted Dale was living a good life, he was a farmer and he accepted his fate and decided to do his patriotic duty. And in the war, he met a lot of good buddies.

One of his best friends was Fred Kjorlien. But during the war, they knew each other only because they were in the same unit and they must depend on each other to survive the war.

Throughout one of the firefights, Fred lost his leg in an RPG attack. That’s when Dale jumped to help Fred without any hesitation and did all he could to stop the bleeding while waiting for the medic.

Till this day and after 50 years Dale was not sure if that man he rescued was still alive or not. Using the internet, he could fulfill his desire to check on his old pal he saved during the Vietnam war. And eventually, he managed to meet with Fred.

“The man who saved his life searched for him. Such a good heart. Both of them”

These Vietnam Veterans went through hell and back during the war but they forged a bond like no other bond between each other. Dale and Fred’s story is a tribute to a generation of great warriors who became more than brothers.