The name of the artist is Christopher Hopkins, he is known on social media by his crazy makeup transformation videos. He and his team record the whole process from the start to the end.

In the video below, the client name is Carol and they are trying to transform her from having a bare face to having a beautiful natural look that makes her young again.

First, they started to cover using a green primer the red tones in Carol skin. This will help the artist and to give him a “clean” base to work with.

Using a peach-toned concealer Kayla, the artist covered the dark areas under Carol’s eyes. The purpose of this move is to brighten the dark areas and to lift Carol’s features. The foundation and the concealer must be blended together to make her skin look as natural as possible.

Kayla ends the foundation process with a set of fine powder and proceed to work on the eyes. She uses a light shade of blonde eyebrow pencil to accentuate Carol’s natural brows and highlights the areas shadowed by the brow bone and to create a dark line between the eyelashes, the artist used brown eyeliner and mascara.

Around the cheekbones, Kayla used blush and bronzer to generate warmth and dimension. This move shows the illusion of lifting the face.

Just look how she become at the end, unbelievable! She went from naturally and lovely styled Carol to an absolute glam look with hair and style transformation Carol.

“Wow! Look at that hidden beauty she had! She is now gorgeous.”

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