This songwriter fulfilled his longtime dream by creating a breathtaking Christmas music video

Viewers are expected to be stunned by this Christmas song video. The video was created using an excessive amount of money, the production used a lot of instruments and a fantastic environment to light up the Christmas spirit in any viewer.

The music video is supposed to be from the Victorian era and it looks very realistic, the song is called “My Favorite Time of the Year” and it is performed by The Florin Street Band utilizing violins, trumpets, and a piano. Even they added snow to the scenery.

The genius behind this music video is Leigh Haggerwood and he is a music composer from London, United Kingdom. His dream was to create the perfect Christmas video however he couldn’t find any producer to help him realize his vision.

Haggerwood didn’t want to give up on his dream and searched for other ways to make his music video. At first, he recorded the song, and to fund the music video he used all his life savings.

Leigh had a vision of a video set in the 19th century, in snowy weather, with street lights, and people dressed as if it was during Victorian times. He wanted something traditional with firm melodies.

Today, his video has over 19 million views on YouTube and a lot of people commented that they loved it. In the end, we can say that Leigh finally fulfilled his dream and people are happy with his work.

Leigh Haggerwood made a true piece of art that you should watch. One of the viewers commented: ‘I was impatiently awaiting the arrival of the holiday season because I couldn’t wait to hear this beautiful song which always warms my heart.’ This is one of the best Christmas songs I have ever heard…