It is approved by fans, this is the funniest Carol Burnett video collection ever

Everyone knows that “the Carol Burnett Show” is one of the funniest shows that ever aired on television. It is not funny only for the audience but also for the actors as well, every now and then they couldn’t help but crack a little smile during some hilarious scenes. This video below is a collection of the best moments of actors breaking character and it will make you laugh.

The first clip was taken from season 6, episode 20, the scene in which Tim Conway plays an old firefighter and Harvey a civilian who needs oxygen laying on the floor. The civilian played by Harvey said ‘Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, it’s the only way.’ Conway then looked really confused and lay next to him.

Harvey immediately started to smile when Conway looked at him confused, however, Tim tried to play it off by saying:

‘Where are you from?’ yet Harvey didn’t stop smiling and they are both on the floor. Tim got Harvey in his arms as he cracked up, he even tried to make Harvey stop laughing by embracing his face.

During ‘The Family (Sorry),’ season 8, episode 9, Carol is furious shouting at Harvey and Vicki while throwing papers and tearing pillows. So Vicki looked at her and said:

‘You’re really nuts, you know it? One of these days, they’re gonna come over here and lock you up.’

And she added:

‘I think somebody blew your pilot light out.’ That’s when Carol turned and faced the crowd by her back and cracked a smile while her mouth said silently:

‘Oh Boy.’ She proceeds by covering her face and laughing continuously as Vicki still yelled at her.

The next clip is titled ‘The Old Folks’, in season 1, episode 31, the scene features Harvey and Carol as two senior citizens sitting in rocking chairs next to each other. Harvey looked at Carol in a funny way and puts his hand on her lap but she instantly nodded no and moved his hand from her lap.

This is when Harvey said ‘That feels even better.’ Everybody knew that they were not going to end the scene when both of them started to crack a smile. Carol then tells him to stop and read his newspaper but he approached her and said:

‘Molly, why don’t we have another kid?’ Carol couldn’t hold her laugh and she exploded.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman were absolute gems. Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence are such talented, gifted comedies. The show was priceless.

All the scenes that feature Tim Conway are the ones that you need to watch if you are looking for a good laugh, he is truly a legend.