This is how friendship should be, it is so touching. To see a student from 7th grade surprise his bullied classmate with a pair of new sneakers to cheer him up and keep him confident is really inspiring.

The bullied classmate is Melvin Anderson, his classmates were making fun of his old shoes that’s when Romello stepped in and defend his classmate.

This kind act from “Mello” was shared on Facebook by the dean of Buffalo Creek Academy.

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Melo and Melvin / Credit: Bryant Brown Jr.

Romello’s teacher Wrote: “My student Melo told me he was tired of other students picking on Melvin about his shoes. Melo used his allowance and bought Melvin some shoes. This is what I live for, be that helping hand,”

Mello also said:” I could tell it was upsetting him, It just put a real bad ache in my stomach to see somebody have to go through that, and to be picked on just based on appearance”

Then he said:” I had saved up my allowance, and so I asked my mom to take me to the shoe store to get Melvin some shoes, and the next day I came and gave them to him,”

His classmate Melvin Anderson said to the local news: “I’m really appreciative of what he did for me,” and he added: “I’m doing chores at home so I can earn some money to try and pay him back for what…what he did for me.”

Mello’s mother was delighted by her son’s act and said: “It’s not often that you see children give up their allowance to someone else and that let me know, Romello was protecting and trying to change the narrative for his friend Melvin,”

“To be so passionate at 12 years old really says a lot, but Romello is passionate in all aspects of his life family, basketball, and friends.” The reporter from Fox News Anita James added.