Too many music instruments in the world aren’t getting the respect that they merit.

Speaking about that, the harmonica is the best example of that. Despite harmonicas were displayed in a lot of music back in the day, still it doesn’t get much appreciation. People really be treating it as a toy rather than an instrument, some of them even thinks that it’s just an instrument made for fun and for kids. Although these people would be completely amazed to hear how beatiful it can sound in the hands of a talented player.

When Buddy gets on stage, he confirms that all these pigeonholes are wrong about his instruments.

Till this day, many of known harmonica players feel a bit underappreciated.

Still, these players never gets pessimistic they remain calm and fight through those stereotypes, like our man here Buddy Greene who proves this audience wrong by performing a medley of classical music on Carnegie Hall show in front of a huge audience.

In the beginning, the audience was agitated to hear some classical music performed by Greene’s harmonica.

When the host welcomed Buddy on stage holding his little instrument on his hand. Bill Gaither even asked him about his feelings toward the bad reputation that so many harmonica players have.

Buddy just replyed, “I don’t care”.

Then, he performed some country classics , “Oh, Suzanna.” After that he said: “Now it’s time to get sophisticated,” While putting up Gaither’s mic slightly farther away from him. Greene plays Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,” rendering the audience enchanted.

Among the audience member one of them just shed a tear listening to this refined lullaby!

The entire audience was shocked as they listened to Buddy playing his magnificent music.

When he finished the whole audience did a standing ovation with some cheers.

Greene Buddy advices the audience to be alert in encouraging a harmonica player.

He takes a small break, and he plays the first movement of Mozart’s “Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major.” Buddy casually bent every note precisely and ended the movement as he transitioned to Rossini’s popular composition, “Wilhelm Tell Overture.”

Greene shockingly hits the song in his finale!

Buddy just played the final movement of the whole symphony.Its finale in known as it was usually used to score things like horses galloping in the background in movies and TV shows. Later on, it was broadly identified as The Lone Ranger theme song, aired on on televisions and radios.

In the final play, he started with the energetic trumpet entrance, which proclaim the beginning of the march.

After that, Buddy just changeover to the explosive part of the song with its high tempo rhythm meanwhile the audience gives some clapping to the beat. The crowd was just excited watching Greene playing his harmonica with too much passion.

It’s just unbelievable how he manages to continue playing till the end without spraining his lungs!

Buddy Greene lovingly gives us a lesson about the harmonica.

Buddy here sends a powerful message about this instrument and its players who suffers through many annoying comments.

He wanted to show that harmonicas are just as equal as other instruments and it’s no need for this unnecessary hatred. So that other players can continue playing amazing music with their harmonicas without confusion!

Don’t forget to check the video below to watch the whole magnificent performance:

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