Can you imagine being one day in the depths of the ocean face to face with the largest creatures in this world and discovering that this animal desperately needs your help?

I don’t think many humans in this world have had a more fulfilling experience…

This is what happened with our hero when he was on a new expedition of the ocean with his friends when they met a whale shark who was suffering from nets that were stuck in his fins.

Whale sharks are known as the largest species of fish in the sea, reaching more than 40-feet long and weighing more than 20-tons.

The divers were filming and noticed a whale shark that was entangled in commercial fishing line. In the video, you can see the damage it already caused cutting into the fins of the beautiful giant.

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Source: youtube

Knowing the pain the animal is in, one diver had his knife and began cutting the rope off. In less than a minute, the whale shark was free from the fishing line and on its way to a much happier life.

I can only imagine how good that must feel for the shark.

Absolutely amazing! You guys are heroes of the ocean! Thank you!

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Source: Noel Hall/Youtube