Ballet is one of the favorite dances in russia, and it’s a part of their history and legacy

Yablochko is a Russian Song, commonly conferred as sailors dance. And what can go wrong in watching some of the best Russian ballet dancers performing a sailors’ dance? Down below you can find a video of exactly that.

Aparently more than a twelve ballet dancers performed an amazing show, Igor Moiseyev is behind the choreography.

Performers of this wonderful video act in some fascinating ways and make patterns we never seen before.

This type of character dance needs a high level of professionalism and theatrics. eventually Moiseyev was awarded the UNESCO Mozart Medal for outstanding contribution to world music culture, and he got many other awards.This shoa is funny with a lot of incredible details. All dancers trained to be extremely perfect in their moves and the traditional music they dance to is very catchy

For a great time in Russia, Ballet was allowed only for women.

Later on they gave the green light to male dancers, and we’re absolutely glad they were. These men dance perfectly.

This contemporary dance performance of the traditional Russian folk song “Yablochko” is completely amazing.

Curiously, the song was very popular with the Baltic fleet during the First World War. All through this video, the dancers act as if they were in a cartoon and it seems like normal physics don’t apply to them.Even though they’re not real sailors, the whole performance is so convincing!

They threw some dedication, passion, and flexibility in this performance.

It was a bliss to watch these men perform.

It’s almost unbelievable the way they move in entire sync, and we all have to appreciate all the hard work behind the choreography that’s really close to ideal. The most funniest part is the middle one, the men with the accordion. Out of no where comes a man with an accordion  who stands in the center of the stage and plays his part completely. It’s brilliant, the man plays his accordion, dances simultaneously and makes a beat with his feet, keeping the smile throughout the whole play.

How did he do it? How did they do it?

These ballet dancers doing all the moves with a big smile on their faces it looks like if their cheeks were glued that way. It’s really unbelievable, they reached a new level of competence and dedication. they looks like they burned the floor practicing. 

We would be glad to be in their ship.

these dancers have merged perfectly to the point that even the claps of the audience seem perfect later.

This modern “Yablochko” performance got 11 million YouTube views. these performers can be proud of themeselves because their play was totally amazing. It looks like every country has some kind of dance as part of its cultural identity, and these russian dancers did a splendid work.

In the Video below you can watch the whole performance:

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