Here are the internet sensation the “Trueblue Twins” Megan and Morgan. These two twin sisters are true fashion icons and they are still kids!

It all started when Deyonte Hunter, who is a tattoo artist and a Camden musician posted a picture of the two beautiful twins on Instagram, from then on everybody knew about the “Trueblue Twins” Megan and Morgan.

Many of you are just wondering why is all the clout about these two twins. What is so special about them? Well, you can look at their pictures and you will understand why they are calling them the most beautiful twins ever. It is not common to have captivatingly bright blue eyes and be African-American.

The truth is Megan has two blue eyes and Morgan has one dark brown eye and one blue eye!

To have a different eye color is due to a condition known as heterochromia. Fortunately, this doesn’t affect Morgan’s sight at all. She got this condition from her uncle and they got the bright blue eyes from their mother and their grandfather.

Their mom knew from the start that her kids are going to be special, the moment is when she gave birth to them on June 6, 2011. From there, she always kept them dressed perfectly and shares pictures of them on the internet. They managed to get contracts with different brands of clothing and they dress like the kids of celebrities.

On the fashion show in Jacksonville, they have been cast by Yandy Smith, the “Love and Hip Hop” reality star, Wendy Williams, and Ray Ray, the member of Mindless Behavior band.

Of course, their mother is taking everything at a time, and she permits her twins to only get free clothes from well-known brands. She is waiting for her kids to decide on their own whether to pursue as models or do something else completely.

Lovell Knight, the father of the two twins is in fear of all the media attention his kids are getting and he thinks that every kid should have a normal childhood and friends the same age as them.

The crazy thing is that despite having the same eye color and the same popularity, the thing that makes them more special and unique is that they are entirely different in character.