This guy’s hobby is exploring the ocean but this day was so different

Brad Rich as always he takes his boat and goes for a new adventure, today he chooses to discover the coast of Seward, Alaska where he and his friends noticed some weird activity in the sky, many seagulls flying over this place like something strange is about to happen. However, these experienced sailors and with such familiar situations, they are aware of what will happen.
So the Captain starts filming the seagulls in the distance hoping to get amazing footage of what he comes for.

With much patience, this man seemed to reap the fruits of his passion

That’s when he heard sounds at the stern of the boat and got the surprise of a lifetime – a large pod of whales breached right in front of him!Needless to say, he freaked completely out at the amazing spectacle.Wait for it…the “money shot” comes at 0:56!

In the Video below you can watch this unbelievable moments

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