Same to military soldiers, firefighters also put their lives in danger in order to save other people.

To be a first responder is a hell of a job, you need courage and a lot of physical strength to be doing what those heroes do.

This man took this picture and posted it on Facebook, he was passing by and he was dazed by what he had seen. However, he started panicking and crying when he knew the truth about this scene. Just see who are those people in the picture.

Firefighters are aware of the danger that comes with their job but they are constantly doing their best to save the people of this country. However, wait until you see their routine when they finish a fighting day.

In 2017, a firefighter named Pedro Bras and his team were fighting against a huge fire in Portugal. The fire had already killed 64 people before they even arrive. They were fighting against time and fire at the same time. It was hell on earth.

The fight between the firefighters and the blaze lasted for hours, after winning the team needed a rest so they took a nap on the grass and Pedro took a photo of them.

This nap is the only break these firefighters can take before they got another duty calls.

Wearing their uniforms and laying on their coats prove that they are ready to get back to work at any time possible.

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Image Credit: Respeito pelos Bombeiros | Facebook

By watching this picture, you really understand the sacrifice these firefighters make for the sake of saving us and saving our homes from the fire.

As soon as this picture was posted on Facebook, it received a lot of attention and got thousands of likes and comments respecting those heroes.

One user said “Portugal’s firefighters resting, this just broke my heart”

“These real-life superheroes are risking their lives as we speak…90% of Portugal’s ‘bombeiros’ are volunteers,” another added.

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