Sometimes you can find kids with a talent that is beyond their ages.

It’s completely amazing to watch people who absolutely own their technique. In the case of kids, seeing them affect other children with hopes of developing into something good is really inspiring. And this beautiful young girl who executes a difficult tune on the banjo that went viral on the internet.

The most incredible thing is how would she manage to move her fingers this fast?

Just at the age of 12 years old Willow Osborne made this unbelievable video of herself playing the banjo.

After 8 years and at the age of 20 this young lady has made a quite the name for herself in the music world. She’s a skilled banjo performer since birth.

In the beginning of the video, We can see her sitting there with a beatiful smile on her face as she smoothly plays “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” by Earl Scruggs.

As the video starts you can see how she moves her fingers from string to string rapidly that you can’t keep up whith her.

Going through this complicated song, Willow Osborne doesn’t joke around while playing her banjo.

This strange song was first released in 1968 and is no easy to play on the banjo, Although Osborne and at age of 12 years old is killing it. She makes it look too damn easy, This good playing must taken her years of practice and training, Also with practice you need some pure talent and it’s safe to say that this girl is truly gifted.

Since this video was released on YouTube, Willow continued on posting many other remarkable performances on social media and has grown her channel to over 44,000 subscribers.

However she isn’t just talented on playing banjo, Osborne is an amazing singer too you can see that during some performances.

At the age of 4 years old she touched her first banjo. From there, she just took the instrument to a whole new level and has shocked crowds from all over the world. Willow’s carreer is all over the social media where she shows us why she deserves to be known.

She even released an entire album, a bluegrass masterpiece called Bluegrass and Rhinestones. On her own album, she sings and plays bluegrass music that would leave even the famous musicians shocked.

The cover of her playing “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” when she was a kid is the popular one, But there is other videos of her broke the internet also.

No one can stop Osborne now from becoming a big shot in the music industry, after all, talent like this speaks for itself. Going throuth the viedo we can notice that her pace is unbelievable and it’s just getting better.

She has tens of millions of views on her YouTube channel.

People from all over the world watched her talent playing the banjo, also her amazing voice. Willow is absolutely one of the best banjo players we’ve ever seen, watching this video will leave you astonished. Since it was released this video has been viewed almost 7.5 million times with 106,000 likes.

Also thousands of people have left comments admiring Osborne fantastic talent.

What an outstanding artist!

When it comes to banjo Willow has her own league. it’s just unbelievable how she managed to play the banjo at this young age.

Just watch the video below to check how amazing she is with her banjo:

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